Saturday, February 27, 2010

Twilight Wedding: Luxe for Less

Lina and I wanted to come up with Luxe for Less Look. There are so many inspriations out there and if given an unlimited budget could be pulled of for a wedding of 150, but in reality, we don't all have that luxury.

To get a similar, Twilight, look without breaking the bank, we used a traditional round table which most venues carry. We covered it with a camel color poly cotton linen.
We used solid white china and clear glassware and traditional silverware.
For the chairs we used an antique finish wooden folding chair to still give it that outdoorsy whimsical feel.
Instead of 2 candelabras we used one to achieve a similar look surrounded by some of the smaller and less expensive arrangements.
For Edward and Bella's chairs we used a simple glass vessel with an opened white rosehead.
And thank you again to all of our awesome collaborators:

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Jolynne - Wedding Photography Girl said...

very nice. printing directly on apples :)