Thursday, October 27, 2011

Celebrity Wedding: Hilary Duff

Ok, so we've all seen a lot of celebrity weddings, and being in this business, I've seen a lot of weddings in general. But this wedding, of Hilary Duff, to me stands out above the rest.

Her dress was an original Vera Wang fit for a princess. 

Ok, so out of all the celebrity weddings I've seen, by far, my favorite decor of any celeb wedding is this one. I love all of the antique hanging lamps, swagged fabric draping, and the gardeny feel of many of today's weddings. It was over the top but not in a stuffy way, it was romantic, and warm & inviting.
And my fabulous friends over at Fantasy Frostings did this wedding cake, and I love that it's a unique spin on a traditional white cake. So unique.

Fun Fact: She was the same age I was when I got married.

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