Thursday, April 23, 2009

Vendor Pick: Tira J Photography

I posted a few days ago about the bouquet I made for an old classmate who was retaking her wedding photos. The photographer she hired is Tira J. (Click here for Tira's Blog Post about Lindy & Will)

Now, we have several things in common...we both know Lindy (the beautiful bride), we both absolutely love Jasmine Star, & we both went to APU, among other things.

As I mentioned, I would post the photos as soon as I could and here they are. Enjoy! And for a slideshow of the images click here.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Inspiration: The New Carnation

Now, carnations are not my favorite flower in the world. They often have the conotation of "cheap" or "chincy" written all over them. However, when places together, side by side, in a grouping they can actually look quite fabulous. And because of the fact that they are a more inexpensive flower, you can still get that wow factor you're going for and stay under budget. Now that's some good news.

Here's a gorgeous centerpiece from Nancy Liu Chin.

Here are some great and bright ideas found on The Knot.

Here's a great idea from Martha Stewart...and I love the color combo of aqua and red. Stay tuned for an "Inspiration" blog post on this color combo coming soon...
Here's another spin on the pomander, found at Project Wedding.

These manzanita branches with pomanders could flank the ceremony altar or add a little focal interest to the escort card table. I wouldn't suggest these as centerpieces as they would block your view. This was found on Ashley's Bride Guide.

This amazing masterpiece was created by Beautiful Blooms and wow, what a showpiece!!!

This preppy number was found at DIY Bride.
These pomanders were created by Bouquets of Austin and found on Project Wedding.

These chic and DIY centerpieces are so basic, and there's numerous one's so your guests can take them home as gifts. Found on, Photo by Anna Williams.

Here's a modern yet romantic take on carnations, as seen on DIY Bride.

These little gifts can be found in the pages of Brides Magazine.

Another great design from Brides Magazine. This would be great for a bridal shower, baby shower, or a little girls birthday party. So cute.

Now that's how you display escort cards. How simple and chic is this idea from The Knot?

And wow, what a cake. And who else but Martha Stewart would design such a simple and chic masterpiece?

And what a statement. This centerpiece was found at The Knot.

So next time you see carnations...don't just pass them by...get a whole bunch and see what chic ideas you can come up with.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Celebrity Wedding: Billy Martin & Linzi Williamson

I was blown away when I came across this wedding in InStyle Weddings Magazine and even more excited to see that my favorite florist, R Jack Balthazar did their floral decor. It took my breath away. I call it Gothic-Chic, R Jack calls it Victorian Vamp, but it truly is breathtaking no matter what you call it. This is the wedding of Good Charlotte's guitarist, Billy, to his longtime girlfriend, Linzi.

The bride wore a Kirstie Kelly Couture gown. Traditional in essence but given that glamourous rock edge with the hints of black.
All of the photos were taken by the husband and wife team, Miki & Sonja, who I've had the pleasure of working with before and they are great.
This amazing wedding was coordinated by the talented Kristin Banta.

The wedding was held at Stone Manor in Malibu, all outdoors for this blessed affair.
The couple named the tables after their beloved pets, like their dog Dracula.

This amazing cake was created by Cake Divas and wow does it look amazing. I've never seen a cake quite like it.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sneak Peak

Last week I had the pleasure of making a bouquet for an old classmate and friend, Lindy. We shared several classes together back at APU. I was reading updated statuses on my facebook and found out that she was retaking her wedding photos with her husband. They wanted to take the time and invest in a good photographer for wedding photos they'd be proud of and one's to show their kids one day and adorn the walls of their home. So, I asked if I could give her the gift of making her wedding bouquet. So in the photo you see, the first one I have so far, is the bouquet I made and this is a sneak peak of what's to come and I'll post the other photos in a few days.

One thing I think is worth investing in is PHOTOS. Even if you don't have a big budget for a wedding, photos are worth a 1000+ words and since you're wedding day only happens once you should have it captured in the best light. If you're willing to shell out the big bucks you could go to Jasmine Star , Victor Sizemore, B & G Photo or Boutwell Studios. If you're still looking for beautiful photos but have a smaller budget you could go to Tira J (who did this photo), Epic Imagery, Drew B, or Heather Jagger.

Vendor Pick: Brides Against Breast Cancer

I like the nostalgia of thinking that one day my daughter might wear my wedding dress, but in will probably just sit in a box for years and years and just gather dust on a shelf. Instead, I have decided to donate my wedding dressand veil (see photos below) to a wonderful organization called Making Memories: Brides Against Breast Cancer. It's similar to Make a Wish Foundation in that "wishes" are granted, in this particular case, they are granted to women with Breast Cancer.

They accept donations as well as wedding dresses, veils, slips, tiara's, mother's gowns, flower girl dresses, bridesmaid dresses, diamonds, estate jewelry, and accessories. So, you could even tell your bridesmaid who most likely won't wear her dress again that she can get a tax exemption for your gown and who couldn't use a little extra help these days??

Check out their site as they have so many events all over the country and other organizations such as The Pink Envelope Project, Diamonds for Dreams, March for Memories, Quilters Against Breast Cancer, and Tea Parties.

Why let your gown gather dust in a box. Grant a wish for someone in need.