Tuesday, December 28, 2010

DIY: Eco Friendly Fireworks

(photo courtesy of The Rocket Men)
Most of us don't have the big budget to have real fireworks at a wedding, or any event for that matter. But that's no reason that we shouldn't have the opportunity to light up the sky. 
(photo courtesy of Disney Every Day)

(photo courtesy of Princess Time Toys)
I recently watched the movie, Tangled, and I loved it. I especially loved the floating lanterns that filled the sky like a blanket of stars. You too can have this same magical sky at your wedding, perhaps as your grand exit, or just at some point during the reception, or even during the ceremony after you're pronounced as husband & wife. 

Chinese Paper Lanterns 1

(photo courtesy of Chinese Paper Lanterns

The lanterns are inexpensive and eco friendly, made out of bio-degradeable paper and a bamboo frame. 

Here are some links to buy the lanterns. 

(photo courtesy of Rosie Parsons)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

DIY: Modern Chandelier

I was perusing the Ruffled Blog and came across this DIY project that I just had to share. Click here to see the instructions of how to make it!!!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Monday, November 29, 2010

One More Day To Bid

There is only one more day to bid for my services to help raise money for a wonderful organization called, Wish Upon a Wedding. It's almost like Make a Wish Foundation, but all of the wishes granted are wedding related. Here's one story of how it's helped someone in need:

On October 28th, 2010, Wish Upon A Wedding’s Southern California Chapter granted its first wish. This wish is a little bit different than wishes granted by other chapters in that this, this is the wish of a young boy.
In 2009, Anthony Garcia was like any other 14 year-old. He loved going to school, playing sports and spending time with his family. When terrible headaches began to interfere with schoolwork and football practice, his mother Sandra Garcia took him to see a doctor and on November 20th, 2009 he was diagnosed with Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia. Suddenly, all of the things Anthony loved to do came to a halt. He now spends his time going in and out of the hospital for medications and chemotherapy. The doctors say that for some, these medications and treatments work miracles. But the things that are supposed to make him better, only seem to make Anthony more sick.
His mother and her boyfriend, Francisco Reyes, take turns working their jobs and caring for Anthony, his younger sister Alyssa and his little brothers Isaac and Isaiah. His mother Sandra works as a clerk at a local school, returning home in time for Francisco to head to his job as a dispatcher at a nuclear pharmacy. Despite all of their hard work and tireless love and devotion to their family and to one another, mounting medical bills and missing work to care for Anthony have made their mark.
Since the day they met eight years ago, Sandra and Francisco have known that they have something special. She was out one afternoon when she met the stranger who would be her soul mate at a restaurant where she was dining and he was working. Immediately drawn to one another in that inexplicable way you sometimes hear about, they talked and talked and, well, lunch went a little long. Two years ago, Francisco proposed on Christmas eve and while they’ve known they would one day marry, life keeps happening and they’ve never thought much beyond heading up to the courthouse.
With all of the love and care that they have shown for him and his brothers and sister, it was Anthony’s wish to see his mother and Francisco have a day that was special for them and to have a beautiful wedding that they would be able to enjoy as a family.
When the big day arrived, Anthony’s doctors were concerned that his counts were dropping and the family knew that soon, he would be in the hospital again. But he wasn’t going to miss this day for the world. When the family arrived at Rancho Las Lomas, Anthony was shivering with uncontrollable cold and was not comfortable leaving the bridal cottage. The Rancho Las Lomas team brought space heaters and Wish Upon A Wedding board member Melody Warner stepped out to bring him blankets. He missed the ceremony, but by the time the reception began, Anthony was feeling a bit better and set up camp on some of the lounge furniture provided by Fusion Linens where he was able to sit back and stay warm and watch his mother have her first dance as the wife of the man she met at lunch one day, who turned out to be her soul mate.
It has been our great joy to meet this incredible family and help them to have the most magical wedding they could wish for. Wish Upon a Wedding’s Southern California Chapter had a group of the most incredible sponsors for this event and would like to thank all of them for their incredible generosity and dedication to our wish of making wishes come true for others.
Cake Stand: Raise the CakeKathy Jo Peterson 
Cake: Fantasy FrostingsLeslie Maynor
Calligraphy: Calligraphy KatrinaKatrina Centeno
Candy station: Candee by SandeeSandee Creager
Caterer: 24 CarrotsHeather Smith
Coordinator: Gail Garceau WeddingsGail Garceau
Doves: White FlitePamla Wright
Dress: Bonny MT; Kerri Redl
Favors: Weddingish (toasting glasses, cookies); Raya
Florist: Enchanted FloristNisie
Hair / Makeup: Design VisageCaren
Hankie for Bride: L’il InspirationsSandra
Invitations: Blue MagpieJeannine Pao Brown
Jewelry (Earrings): Orange & BlossomLisa Marie Rovito
DJ/Lighting: Invisible TouchVictor Giuseppe
Limo: White Rose LimoMike Sadlier 
Linens and Lounge Furniture: Fusion LinensAngel Monico
Officiant: Clergy NetworkBrian Trott

Real Wedding: Samia & Roman




Jazz Band: Rossi Music, "Rossi Signature Black Tie Swing"
Quartet: The Serenade Strings
Linens: BBJ Linen

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Just Me: Moving To The OC

In general, I don't use this blog as a personal journal. I am a very visual person so I choose to fill my blog with lots of pictures of my clients, vendors I love, and inspiration boards. But, it was brought to my attention recently that a blog is not just looked at, it is read. And people follow blogs sometimes for the pretty pictures, but more often than not it's to get a glimpse into the life of someone else.

So, for today's post I thought I'd share a bit about what's going on in my life.

For those of you who don't know, I moved to Orange County recently. I grew up in Ventura County and have spent the last 8 years in the L.A. area. I wouldn't say the OC is "new" to me, but in a way it is. Thank God for the iPhone otherwise I'd get lost on all these new streets and freeways.

My husband and I have been attending Saddleback Church, located in Lake Forest, for almost 2 years now. He recently got hired on staff in their Jr. High Youth Department. He is beyond excited, thrilled, amazed that he gets to work with people he's looked up to for his youth ministry career and he's read their books and heard them speak, and now he gets to trade ideas and learn from them every day.

So, we decided to make the move an hour south-east of Glendale to a small town called Rancho Santa Margarita. It reminds me of one of the towns I spent much of my time growing up in, Westlake Village. Both towns have a manmade lake, or two, new shopping centers, manicured landscaping, good schools, and Trader Joe's (hehe).

We packed up the UHaul along with our dog Bella and made the treck to our new home. It hasn't even hit me yet that I live here. I'm still waiting for someone to pinch me and say "yes, it's real".

So for all of you OC people's let me know of any hot spots I "must see" and perhaps lets grab some coffee and hang out. I'm game. I love meeting new people.

And to all my L.A. peeps, I am still up in the area at least once a week. I cover all of So Cal for weddings & special events. Stay tuned for pics of my recent weddings at Stone Manor, Four Seasons Westlake Village, The Ebell, and The Valley Club in Montecito.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Real Engagement: Jess & Chris

Photos from Rob Greer

Inspiration: A Summer Afternoon

Inspiration: Whimsical Whimsy

Monday, September 27, 2010

My Favorite Cake Ever

I first heard of Sweet & Saucy through JL Designs, and I've been hooked ever since. I tell every client who hasn't already booked their baker to seriously consider Melody of Sweet & Saucy. And sometimes I'll even take the 405 instead of the 5 just so I have a reason to stop at Sweet & Saucy's shop & buy something. Not only are her desserts scrumptious, delectable, and oh so good, they are pieces of art for the eyes.
Recently she did this cake for a wedding, with JL Designs, and it was love at first sight!! If I could do my wedding all over again, I would choose this cake in a heart beat. I've just never seen anything like it and I still drop my jaw just a little every time I see it.