Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Inspiration: Beauty & the Beast

In honor of my cousin Angela (with a baby on the way) is this "Inspiration". Below you'll find a ton of inspiration for a Beauty & the Beast wedding. Enjoy!!

Portrait of Belle, the lady of inspiration, by artist Derren Wilson at Sanders Art Studio
Bringing in the red of the rose and the gold of Belle's memorable dress is this invitation by Wedding Paper Divas.
This wedding dress was actually inspired by Belle and designed by Kirstie Kelly for Disney Bridal
A more modern version of the lovely Belle gown by Platinum for Priscilla of BostonCan't forget about the hair, here's a new take on the classic Belle updoA modern twist on the Belle gown is this lovely gown by Pnina Tornai exclusively for Kleinfeld, which includes the symbolic rose and the ruffles.
Wow, what a ring, and this is the perfect canary yellow to match Belle's dressAnd to go with the rock, how about this sparkler. It reminds me of Isodola, the necklace that Kate Hudson wore in How to Lose a Guy in 10 DaysWhat a nice gift for the bridesmaids, here's a less expensive option to have some bling. Instead of one red rose under glass, I think the bride should carry a whole bunch of them in her bridal bouquet and perhaps add some blingin' bouquet jewelry.
And to compliment the red and gold, I thought the 'maids should be in a lovely navy blue, again by the amazing Kirstie Kelly for Disney Bridal
This little number would be perfect for a ladies luncheon and mani/pedis.
This dress would be absolutely lovely for the Sunday Brunch following the wedding weekend

This bright dress would be my pick for the rehearsal dinner
What an entrance to a wedding ceremony. How elegant.
A great basket for the flower girl to hold, incorporating the gold and the red
And then, after the gates are opened you walk over a sea of petals through this amazing space
Here's a closeup and a cute flower girl attire option
Now for the location, I found some absolutely amazing castles. Some are great for that destination wedding to Europe or you could stay a little closer to home and find a few in the states. This is a castle in...New Hampshire, Windham to be exact...I couldn't believe it! It's called Searles Castle and is open for weddings and special events.
For a trip across the Atlantic, you could go to Eilan Donan Castle in Ireland, recently seen in Made of Honor
Chateau de Challain is found in France and isn't only a castle for special events it's also a Bed & Breakfast
This is the castle inspired Sleeping Beauty's Castle at Disneyland. This is Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany
Here's another US option, just off the shore of Alexandria Bay, New York on Heart island is Boldt Castle where you can have a ceremony but need to find another location for the reception, which shouldn't be hard in New York
Amazing decor for the rehearsal dinner is this lovely banquet table designed by R Jack Balthazar, one of my all time favorite florists, and if I had a second weedding (vow renewal), I am so hiring Rene & Niki
This would be a lovely option for a Sunday Brunch as you gaze upon one of the beautiful castles and remenisce about what a fantastic weekend just happened. Instead of the bright red and gold we have a more muted color pallete with white, pink and light gold. I also want to point out that the table number (6) has a picture of the bride and groom at that age. What a great idea!!
Now on to the fabulous reception. In a big ballroom of a castle you need to have dramatic tall centerpieces like this one.
The bride and groom's chairs wouldn't be complete with out a single red rose. And the gold chivari chairs just add to the elegance of the event.
Again with the red and gold theme are these chargers (of which I've found for $1 each at Big Lots) plus a satin red napkin with a menu tucked inside.
Dinner, shaped like a rose, how cute, and done of course by Disney Weddings
A Belle inspired Wedding Cake
Or you could use the Red Rose as your inspiration for the Cake
For a more elaborate, elegant, and royal choice there's this cake
Or, inspired by Belle's beautiful yellow dress you may prefer this cake


Alexandra said...

This is amazing! It is exactly what I wanted! Thank you so so much :) xx

Anonymous said...

Where could I find that Pnina Tornai dress?? It is gorgeous and so perfect for me but I can't seem to find it anywhere on their website :(

Events by Heather Ham said...

The Pnina Dress is most likely out of stock as this post was done about 3 years ago. I'm so sorry!!

Anonymous said...

I love all 3 of the dresses that you suggest for the different activities, but I especially love the 2 bright yellow ones! Could you tell me who they were designed by, and possibly the style names? I know these were posted a while ago, but I am VERY good at finding things I want- no matter how out of fashion they might be! You could email me the answers to my questions at reana.story@gmail.com, or I can check this site back later for a reply. Thank you so much!

Events by Heather Ham said...

Those dresses are fantastic. I originally found them on the InStyle website, and since this post was done 3 years ago the links no longer work. I'm so sorry.