Friday, April 17, 2009

Inspiration: The New Carnation

Now, carnations are not my favorite flower in the world. They often have the conotation of "cheap" or "chincy" written all over them. However, when places together, side by side, in a grouping they can actually look quite fabulous. And because of the fact that they are a more inexpensive flower, you can still get that wow factor you're going for and stay under budget. Now that's some good news.

Here's a gorgeous centerpiece from Nancy Liu Chin.

Here are some great and bright ideas found on The Knot.

Here's a great idea from Martha Stewart...and I love the color combo of aqua and red. Stay tuned for an "Inspiration" blog post on this color combo coming soon...
Here's another spin on the pomander, found at Project Wedding.

These manzanita branches with pomanders could flank the ceremony altar or add a little focal interest to the escort card table. I wouldn't suggest these as centerpieces as they would block your view. This was found on Ashley's Bride Guide.

This amazing masterpiece was created by Beautiful Blooms and wow, what a showpiece!!!

This preppy number was found at DIY Bride.
These pomanders were created by Bouquets of Austin and found on Project Wedding.

These chic and DIY centerpieces are so basic, and there's numerous one's so your guests can take them home as gifts. Found on, Photo by Anna Williams.

Here's a modern yet romantic take on carnations, as seen on DIY Bride.

These little gifts can be found in the pages of Brides Magazine.

Another great design from Brides Magazine. This would be great for a bridal shower, baby shower, or a little girls birthday party. So cute.

Now that's how you display escort cards. How simple and chic is this idea from The Knot?

And wow, what a cake. And who else but Martha Stewart would design such a simple and chic masterpiece?

And what a statement. This centerpiece was found at The Knot.

So next time you see carnations...don't just pass them by...get a whole bunch and see what chic ideas you can come up with.

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