Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Accessory Wednesday: DIY Shoe Bling

Don't forget about the shoes. You may have seen lately that the trend is to have fabulous and colorful shoes to peak out from under your fabulous white gown. But to take it one step further, you can bling them out yourself.

When Jasmine Star ( a photographer worth blog stalking and knowing) said that her bride Alicia customized a pair of Manolo Blahnik's people were so excited. What they may not have realized, which the bride and photographer, Alicia of The Modern Type Photography, found the fab shoes at a Neiman Marcus outlet and the bling was a brooch she wore at another wedding, and she borrowed one from the other girls to have 2 that matched.

How to Bling Your Shoes:
1. Buy Your Shoes, the more colorful and fabulous, the better
2. Buy 2 brooches that match, which could be your something borrowed, blue, old, or new
3. Wear them with pride!!!

Have fun blinging your shoes. Who doesn't love a little bling???

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