Sunday, November 2, 2008

Inspiration: Mamma Mia

I absolutely loved the movie Mamma Mia! and still listen to the Soundtrack often. I have never been to Greece but would love to looks absolutely breathtaking. I hope you enjoy the inspiration I drew from the movie with my own little spin on it. "If you change your mind...I'm the first in line...honey, I'm still free...Take a chance on me..."
First comes the invitation and being in California, this would be a destination wedding and what better way to invite guests than to have custom made passport invites from HGO Creations!

Being a destination wedding, you get the opportunity to spend time with your guests for a few days and celebrate with them on several occasions. So, why not treat everyone a day or two before the wedding and go sailing around the islands of Greece, like the one seen here in Santorini, photo take by the amazing photographer Jessica Claire.

I found an over the shoulder dress somewhat similar to what the bride wore in the movie version of Mamma Mia. This dress is only $399 at

I found this very organic and romantic bouquet by Hawley's Florist.
Here are some beautiful chiffon dresses, of which any would be a complimenting outfit for any bridesmaid. Blue on the left by Watters & Watters, Green in the center by Thread, and the Yellow on the right by Lazaro.
Torches would line the pathway to a wedding by the sea, found on

This is the filming location of Mamma Mia. This part of the island, seen in the movie with the chapel on top where the wedding takes place, is part of the island of Skopolos in Greece. As seen in the movie, because it's a natural and organic event, a great addition is butterflies. Seen here making a curtain backdrop for a wedding ceremony.
In researching the inspiration for this wedding, I came across a chef who takes Greek food to a modern and eye catching level. He is Psilakis who was taught how to cook by his mother. He is the owner of a few restaurants one of which is Mia Dona in New York City.

And carrying on the butterfly theme is this amazing cake with small butterflies and dragonflies adorning it by We Take the Cake!
Here are some wedding clips from the movie! I can't wait until December 16 when the movie comes to DVD to own.

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