Saturday, September 27, 2008

Inspiration: Gilmore Girls

The Wedding That Never Was
I am still sad that Luke & Lorelei never officially tied the knot in one of my favorite shows, Gilmore Girls. During the sixth season, Luke & Lorelei were engaged and in the eleventh episode, which I just finished watching, Lorelei plans her wedding in a day after finding the "perfect dress". Enjoy the inspiration I found...The perfect dress.
"The dress is strapless. So hello, summer wedding and summer means, flower choice is done." - Lorelei (Season 6, Episode 11)
A lovely and simple yellow and white daisy and rose bouquet.
An inspiration board of all things "daisy" by Brenda's Wedding Blog.

Here's a modern gift for a bridesmaid or BFOTB (Best Friend of the Bride) like Suki by Strawberry Jam. A modern twist on a daisy inspired invitation.
Another, more traditional take on the daisy invitation.
This is the cake that "Suki" was inspired to make for Luke & Lorelei's wedding. It's a s'mores cake created by Pasadena's own Bee's Knees Bakery, which sadly went out of business.
Talk about daisies, you have a tower of daisy cupcakes, daisies in chocolate pots, and bubbles wrapped in daisy paper. How cute.
Not quite Suki's s'mores cake, but it does go nicely with the daisy inspired theme.

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