Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Will You: Engagement Shoot

This couple, Nicole and Phil, will have the most elaborate and breathtaking wedding I've ever done, and as the bride says, "It will be full of surprises". She's Cuban and he's Italian. She's a fashion designer and he's a financial planner. They met in college at USC and are about to be joined as husband and wife at the beautiful Mission San Fernando with a cocktail hour, dinner, and dance party reception at the secluded Hummingbird Nest Ranch, right in Simi Valley. I didn't even know this treasure existed, hiding in the hills. It's a sight to see and I can't wait to show you photos of the big day. In the time being, enjoy some of the engagement photos by Jasmine Star who I can't wait to meet and work with.
A few things to look forward to at this wedding other than the beautiful fuschia flowers and hundreds of candles are the food, the signature cocktails, the photo booth, the cigar roller, the mojito bar, the Rock Star bar (a client of the bride), and the live salsa band plus DJ. It will be spectacular.

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