Thursday, April 28, 2011

Royal Wedding: Princess Bride's

I'll admit it. I'm a true sucker for all things princess. I grew up as daddy's little princess and still to this day find a fascination for royalty, whether it be through movies or the royal monarchy of England. Everyone knows that the big day is tomorrow, the Royal Wedding of the Century they're calling it, when Prince William makes Kate Middleton, a commoner into a princess. It's a true Cinderella story. So, in honor of all things princess I thought I'd share some photos of real life princesses past & present as well as some of my favorite fictional princesses. 
 Who could forget the late Princess Diana and that enormous train. A true royal dress & a true 80's dress with those puffed up sleeves, but she pulled it off with grace & beauty. 
 Then there's the current Queen Elizabeth II, who at one time was a princess, so it still counts. : )
 And one of the most famous royal princesses to date is still Princess Grace Kelly.
 Hollywood Royalty in her own right before becoming a true royal when she married Prince Rainier III of Monaco. 
And now for some other princesses, fictional sure, but still princesses. There's of course the infamous Princess Bride herself, Princess Buttercup who is set to marry a horrible jerk of a guy so he can become king, but of course true love wins when she gets to be with her true soul mate Wesley (he should have never lost that 'stache, thinking of Liar, Liar...he was so hot before and then shaved and ugghh, not so much).
 Moving on to my favorite movie royal princess, Mia Thermopolis Renaldi, Princess of Genovia who had "Julie Andrews" as Queen Clarice for a Grandmother. If there's ever anyone living today that I could see being a fabulous queen it's Julie Andrews. 
 I loved her stunning off the shoulder sleeved dress with lace & embroidery and lost of sparkle with crystals and pearls all accented by a simple yet stunning tiara and a mantilla style veil. Love it!!! And yes, Princess Diaries 2 is one of my absolute favorite movies. I can't get enough of it. 
 And here's a more recent Disney Princess, Giselle, from the movie Enchanted. I loved how they mixed animation with real footage, brilliant. 
 And last but definitely not least, Danielle, playing a "modern day" Cinderella and pulling it off brilliantly. Cinderella is still my favorite story and it's been recreated in so many different ways, but I have to say that Ever After is still my favorite adaptation of this famous fairytale. 
I can't wait to see tomorrow's Royal Wedding of William & Kate, the future King & "Queen" of England. I'm curious to see if they'll go traditional white for the floral decor, or if they'll go a little more modern and use color, color, color. Either way I'm sure it's going to be spectacular. 

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