Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Fabulous Find: Blue Magpie Invitations

I was recently introduced to Jeannine, owner and artist behind Blue Magpie Invitations by Suthi of Picotte Weddings, Inc. to collaborate on a design shoot. 
I was blown away when I looked at her work on her site, I mean wow.
Not only is she a fab graphic designer, but is a wiz with a sewing machine creating custom folders and pockets for all of her custom creations. 
Each invitation is truly a work of art, I'd never want to thrown mine away if I got one. 
And each invite has a custom band or ribbon tied around it to finish it off with just the right touch.
Whether it's an elegant and tropical faire or...
a good hometown BBQ at a ranch...
to a modern affair
chinese new year
or the Viceroy in Palm Springs...
there's an invitation that will truly make guest want to see more
Her attention to detail is impecable
and her style is universal. 
plus she even has these cute cards for Save the Date's, Thank You, Congratulations and more.
There's a style for every wedding, if you dream it, it will become a reality.

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