Monday, May 11, 2009

Inspiration: Twilight

So, I will admit openly that I did not read the Twilight series, but I did see the first movie. When I'm not planning weddings and other events I volunteer my time with jr. High and High School youth at a church where my husband is a youth pastor and for a while it seemed like Twilight is all they were talking about including many other friends and adults I knew. I thought it only fitting that I create an "inspiration" board just for Twilight, but I didn't do just 1 I did 2. I created a "Day" inspired look as well as a "Night" inspired look.

Twilight- Day

For the "Twilight-Day" inspiration board I was inspired by all of the beautiful scenery in the movie, particularly of the forests. I thought it would be fitting to place a ceremony or celebrating outdoors in a forest setting and make the decor very earthy and organic in feel yet still breathtaking and elegant.

Twilight- Night

For the "Twilight-Night" Inspiration Board I went a little darker and infused the crimson and blood red hues (like the apple or blood). And who can forget the amazing twinkling gazebo at the end of the movie? I was able to find an event that had a tent covered in white twinkle lights which is just breathtaking.

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