Monday, March 9, 2009

Vendor Pick: An Elegant Touch

Two words...PIRATE CHIC.
I was stumblimg through photos on Project Wedding when I ran across this gorgeous table display with deep scarlet red roses and cala lillies a top a black candelabra with a chandalier above dripping in black crystals. I had to sit back and say WOW!!! Then I looked at more of the details such as the black candles with a silver skull standing out in silver glitter, a sparkly silver skull sat next to a small arrangement of red roses, even the china had a pirate print pattern. An you really can't go wrong with Chameleon Chairs, slick black with a little crystal detail.

I can't help but love those who are inventive and unique and chic in their designs. You can see more of their work on their site as well as at project wedding. An Elegant Touch is amazing with decor. Again, WOW!!!

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